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Top 5 tips for Solo Female Travellers : A Freedom we must all experience

Solo travel is power. Own it! It takes a lot of confidence and individuality. Carry it with care and not fear.

1. Keep your key documents Separate. I even go as far as keeping my second phone separate.

2. Check your movement with the hotel. I learnt the hard way and almost got kidnapped in Barcelona( story time will come when I get over it)

3. Cheap is not worth the risk. So many times on trips, locals come to you with cheap offers! If it sounds too good to be true then it is too good to be true.

4. Group tours can offer safe heaven with that hint of freedom. Whilst being that cheaper alternative. Hotel friends can offer that too for night activities. You can always agree to leave and come back together. So at least you have someone that knows your whereabouts and how to look for you.

5. Doors locked at all times. I have heard this before but babes hotel without security and a 24-hour concierge is what we are not doing in 2019. You will always find an adequate affordable hotel. (If you have issues, send us your budget and travel plans, we will send your options)

Me to you, as you book your flight to travel alone know Zahir is applauding the whole time when you come back safely and renewed with a heart full of memories know that Zahir shares in that joy. let your no be your no as you move through the markets and streets